Age Range for Model Kits for Beginners

Toy makers are building model kits applicable to people’s abilities and skills, particularly children. The design and distribution of these model kits are done with immense consideration to the category and ages where they would fit, such as the beginners and experts.

The age range for model kits is considered in different skill levels so that everyone will find enjoyment and convenience in building the models either in a short or long period. The design of model kits ranges from levels 1 to 5. These ranges cover the easy and complex set of skills. Level 1 signifies the easiest, while Level 5 is the hardest. 

For Level 1, the kits may contain 10 to 30 pieces, while Level 3 may include kits with 80 to 100 pieces. For the Level 5, which is the most complex, may contain 200 up to 1,000 pieces or more.

It is essential to know that Level 1 contains only some pieces you can snap together. This level does not have parts that need painting works. For the other levels, the kits include painting and glue jobs. If the age range for model kits is not familiar to you, you are expected to get confused at first. But this should not concern you much because once you get hold of the kit and the instructions on the label, you will find the model kit ratings are just something understandable and would get into your head quickly. 

Since modeling is a fantastic hobby, it requires patience, practice, and time. For you and your kids to get the results you are aiming for, you have to spend enough time building it.

Interestingly, the age range for model kits is a useful and important indicator to match the skill level of the kids, especially beginners. To those new to this hobby, the age range for model kits also served as a guide when purchasing the model kits as a gift to your loved ones or other individuals.

With the widespread availability of video games, television, and iPads, you might think that the age range is not something to consider in purchasing model kits for beginners. However, it is a fact that model kits can contribute a lot to your children’s socio, psycho, motor and cognitive development.

Model kits such as planes, cars, jeeps, houses, and other pieces of stuff you put together bring different kinds of satisfaction and fulfillment because it allows your children, particularly the beginners, to build things with their own hands. On the other hand, you have to consider some precautions when making model kits.

View of hands of incognito kid robot holding elements and working on project, details in box. Colorful pieces from building kit for children on table

The basic age range for model kits for beginners

Regardless of your child’s age, you can always find a model kit that fits their skills and age. You will never fail to get a model kit that they would find interesting as they start their adventure and learning with these kits. Whether it is about trains, video games, planes, cars, or just anything, you can always find something for them to do in preparation for their next level.

Skill Level 1 Model Kit: Beginners

Level 1 is suitable for kids in the beginning stage. This means they don’t have any background or experience in building model kits. It is important to introduce models that are already painted to avoid any messy works in between their learning. 

Thus, the fundamental idea in this stage is for the children to learn how the models go together. The activities may involve sorting out some snap pieces and putting them back into place.

For starters, the model kits may be about teaching the kids how an automobile goes with certain parts, like wheels, engine, frames, and other components. In this level, the user may start with the steps of peeling the decals and putting them on, instead of the decals where there is a need for the user to do it with water.

Children ages 6 years old are already at a fantastic level to start building skill Level 1 model kits. At 6 years old, a kid can already learn how to check or follow simple instructions with the images on the model kit.

At 6, the kids already know not to place small parts of the model kits in their mouths. Since Level 1 does not require painting or glue works, this brings safety and convenience to them.

A perfect model kit for Level 1 is building and playing Jeep Wrangler. This model includes snap construction of the kit without glue or screw.

Overhead View Of Man Building Scale Model Aeroplane From Kit On Cutting BoardWith Tools And Materials

Skill Level 2 Model Kits: Glue and Paint

This level is already suitable for children over the age of 10. This one brings joy and excitement to the kids since this involves selecting your color to paint and experimenting with some color combinations, as the kit recommends.

With more than 80 pieces in the model, the kid can find sufficient detail in the model. At this stage, the kid can follow the instructions and may start inserting or taking out some pieces of the model. The children can also apply glue if it is needed in the instruction. Some model kits under Level 2 are Revel Monogram VW Street Machine (Bug), 1957 Corvette Street machine, AMT/ERTL: 1962 Ford Thunderbird, and the 1997 Chevrolet Corvette.

Skill Level 3 Model Kit: More Parts and Decals

Level 3 may contain nearly 100 parts, thus giving a bit of complexity, but not more complicated than Levels 4 and 5.

“These models often contain more intricate decal schemes so you will want to be practiced up on your level two models,” advised Gary Ternus of Model Kit Pro.

It would help if you had enough care during the painting works in this model. You can mask some parts of the model to create color combinations. The  Revell F-22 Raptor Plastic Model Plane Kit is an excellent example of this. With its 116 parts, you can come up with a realistic model of a plane.


Skill Level 4 Model Kit: The Next Steps

Level 4 demands patience and practice as the model kits include tiny and intricate parts. The works may consist of checking on some inner parts of an engine and adding more details to the models. Your kid must be comfortable with doing this model. The kid must be taught patience and focus as he goes from one step to another. One fascinating model for this level is the building of Revell RV07662 1:25-1968 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 Plastic Model kit, Black, 1/25.

Skill Level 5 Model Kit: For Experts

With over hundreds or thousands of pieces, the Level 5 model kit contains highly-detailed parts. This model includes features you will move or rotate, like the parts on tanks, propellers, tires, or suspensions. It has to be clear to you that Level 5 is designed for expert modelers. This has to be understood by you so that the model will not leave you frustrated or unhappy if you cannot manage to complete building it.

Moreover, model kits in this level can be downright expensive, ranging from $1000 or above. Yet, the best part of this level is the output you can make since you can have it as a collector item. You can start with the model kit Sovereign of Seas – 100 Gun First Rate Ship of the Line to test your skill level on this.