What are the most popular cat breeds in the UK?

What are the most popular cat breeds in the UK?

Around 26% of the households in the UK own at least one cat. That’s totaling nearly 11 million pet felines, proving the nation’s love for cats. While it hasn’t been like that forever, given that the cats have a long and storied history in the UK, it’s remarkable that a sheer variety … Read more

Learn More About the Actress Rachel Nichols

Actress Rachel Nichols

Born on January 8, 1980, Rachel Emily Nichols is an American model and actress. Nichols was enrolled in Columbia University in the late 1990s from where she began her modeling career. Then, in the early 2000s, she joined acting and took on a role in her debut movie “Autumn in New York”.  … Read more

How Important are Images for a Blog?

Blog Writing

Bloggers always find themselves struggling to find the right images for their blog posts. Back in the day, you could simply put up an article on a website without caring for the images and the impact it has on the audience. Today, things have slightly changed. Images have become as important as … Read more

How Did CGI Get Started?

Spiderman On Top Of Building

CGI or Computer-Generated Images enhance and make realistic resemblances in the field of graphic arts. We tend to recognize movies when producers use CGI; primarily, it creates characters, scenes, and special effects in films, television shows, and even games. CGI makes the audience fascinated when it’s an added layer into digital film … Read more

What Are Harry Potter Conspiracy Theories?

A photo of the first Harry Potter logo

Harry Potter, the boy who lived, has been one of the most popular and iconic literature and movie characters in the fictional world. For those who haven’t heard him yet, well, these seven series with the titular name are about the struggles, victory, and magical journey of a young wizard named Harry … Read more