Essential Tools for Scale Modeling


Whether it’s building cars, planes, ships, bikes, trucks, or even robots, scale modeling is a fun and rewarding hobby that entices many people across the world. No surprise, as apart from the excitement, it also provides lots of benefits that make it a truly unique experience compared to most other hobbies and … Read more

Importance of Molecular Model Kits in Learning Organic Chemistry


Organic chemistry is one of the most feared science classes. Ask students who already completed their science curriculum which subject they find most challenging, chances are you’ll hear “orgo” or “ochem” most of the time. No surprise, as studying organic chemistry means dealing with a massive amount of information, consisting of nomenclature, … Read more

Precautions to Take When Making Model Kits

Precautions to Take When Making Model Kits

Are you making model kits? Scale modeling is becoming a popular hobby nowadays, especially car model kits, which usually come cheap and easy to assemble. Meanwhile, there are some model kits that can be more complicated, which involves some risks and guidelines that need to be strictly followed. If you want to … Read more

Choosing the Best Model Kits for Beginners


Getting into the world of scale modeling is undoubtedly exciting but also daunting at the same time. Beginners often face the problem of which model kit to choose, given that there are lots of options available while less knowledge is in hand. Plus, there are lots of factors that need consideration to … Read more

What are ARTF Plane Kits?

Micro-sized 3D plane

Introduction RC Planes are one of the best ways to kill your time if you already have had a full experience with an RC Car or Semi-Truck. RC Planes are a bit difficult to control compared to an RC car, but they do bring the same amount of fun. If you are … Read more