10 Fun Science Experiments You Can Do in Your Back Yard

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The backyard is ideal for many nature, ecology, and geology investigations, but it’s also ideal for physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy research. If you’re intending to have anything splash, burst, or fly into the air, it’s much preferable to be outside where there are many fewer distractions than there are indoors to … Read more

10 at Home Science Experiments

10 at Home Science Experiments

Science is everywhere; it is not limited to the classroom or the laboratory. There are dozens of entertaining projects that only require a few common household items, craft kits, and a little curiosity. This will promote a culture of lifelong learning.   These experiments are also fantastic family tasks to undertake together instead … Read more

What is Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has gained more popularity nowadays as the demand for computing storage, power, data, and algorithms has increased. The possibility of making machines learn and perform human-like activities is an example of Artificial Intelligence. Whether it is a self-driving vehicle or a chess-playing computer, the ability for the machines … Read more

How Did CGI Get Started?

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CGI or Computer-Generated Images enhance and make realistic resemblances in the field of graphic arts. We tend to recognize movies when producers use CGI; primarily, it creates characters, scenes, and special effects in films, television shows, and even games. CGI makes the audience fascinated when it’s an added layer into digital film … Read more

Railway Industry Innovations That Could Change The Way We Travel

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On February 21, 1804, the world saw the journey of the first steam-powered locomotive, which transported iron from Merthyr Tydfil to Abercynon in South Wales, UK. After over two centuries, we now enjoy significant changes in railway transportations. Thanks to technology, traveling has become faster and safer a hundredfold. What’s remarkable is … Read more

Importance of Molecular Model Kits in Learning Organic Chemistry


Organic chemistry is one of the most feared science classes. Ask students who already completed their science curriculum which subject they find most challenging, chances are you’ll hear “orgo” or “ochem” most of the time. No surprise, as studying organic chemistry means dealing with a massive amount of information, consisting of nomenclature, … Read more

The Top Aeronautical Engineering Schools in The World

The Top Aeronautical Engineering Schools in The World

When you were asked what you wanted to become when you were just a kid, what was your answer? If you answered that you want to create extraordinary technologies such as jets, rockets, helicopters, and a whole lot more, you may want to follow your childhood dreams and become an aeronautical engineer. … Read more