How Important are Images for a Blog?

Bloggers always find themselves struggling to find the right images for their blog posts. Back in the day, you could simply put up an article on a website without caring for the images and the impact it has on the audience. Today, things have slightly changed. Images have become as important as ever before. 

While catchy headlines and introductions continue to attract visitors but images take the game further. If you are running a blog, choosing high-quality and relevant images is important. So, let’s discuss why images are important for your blog and what kind of an impact they have on your audience. 

Tips on Visual Content Marketing

Brighter and More Visually Appealing Posts

The first impression of your post comes from the picture you choose to put up. If your post happens to be visually dull and lacks emotions, the visitor will hardly focus on the content. This has proven to be a fact for many websites in the past when it comes to visual content marketing. Visitors would leave without reading a single word.

Images in that respect make things more interesting. While users spend a few minutes reading the content, they also would like to get some help via relevant pictures. Take tourism blogs for example. These websites upload relevant images to evoke the interest of the customers and what they should expect.

As a result, an emotional relationship is established with the audience enabling them to focus on both the content and images. If the visitors do not find anything worth reading in the blog, the next thing they will look at are the images. If the images provoke excitement, they will most probably re-visit your website/blog.

Better Structuring

When you are using images for your blog, you have the chance to structure and divide the text in a better way to make the entire story more interesting and readable. Well-structured blog posts have proper paragraphing since the visitors do not prefer spending more than 2-3 minutes per post. 

Otherwise, if the blog posts are not structured and divided into parts, the visitor will look for other options and simply not waste any time looking for relevant information. You can use different images for different headings or parts while ensuring that they are relevant and appropriate.

Higher SEO Rankings

Google algorithms changed regularly and only those blogs that keep up with the changes are successful. This is why images play a huge role in helping websites achieve better SEO rankings. Blog posts with appropriate images tend to perform comparatively better than none in search engines. 

The highest rankings are given to blogs with images, presentations, and videos, etc. Since images are the easiest thing to share and upload, it is a must-have in your blog posts. Another advantage of using images is that you can add tags, titles, and descriptions. At the same time, you should make sure that the images are resized and compressed for search engines to find them.

Visually Longer Posts

It is often that we come across several blog posts that do not really need much content to explain the title. If images are used, the utilization of text can be reduced and makes it easier for the visitor to go through the entire post instead of leaving somewhere in between. 

Sometimes, all your readers deserve are some good hand-picked images to browse through rather than reading huge bulks of text. In some cases, you might lack the inspiration to write a lot. Therefore, the addition of images makes it a win-win situation for both parties.

Images Make It Easier to Understand Complex Information

When it comes to explaining technical and technological concepts, bare words are usually not enough especially in the case of non-tech-savvy users. For instance, if you are a mechanic or software developer, it is best to share some images so that the reader is better able to grip the concept. 

Although sharing such images serve educational purposes but if you really want to help your readers, you should come up with detailed illustrations. However, ensure that you are not overdoing it and using images that serve the purpose.

Better Exposure in Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make ample use of images and for the right reasons. You will hardly come across a post without images. The reason users like to concentrate and focus more on posts with images rather than without. 

Creative and emotional pictures attract the attention of the readers and such posts do not get lost amongst other posts easily either. It is estimated that posts with images receive nearly 35% higher engagement than regular posts.

Furthermore, posts with images get more likes and shares. Infact, in some cases, users will share such posts without even reading. Therefore, without images, social media would be a dull place.

Another Valuable Skill to Promote

Today, there are millions of bloggers on social media platforms trying to differentiate themselves. With the numbers growing rapidly, you need to come up with a skill that makes you stand out. With that being said, you can work on some designing skills, create custom illustrations and even build a portfolio.

Sooner or later, your readers will observe and realize that you work on your images yourself and will regularly visit your blogs in addition to sharing with others. Take Vloggers as an example. While there are many that simply put up regular videos, those who come up with high-quality production tend to rake in more viewers and subscribers. 

Support Your Statements

Every blog post makes readers feel in a different type of way. While some posts may end up leaving the readers relaxed, others will lead to motivation and inspiration. Adding images in your blog posts helps you achieve this.

For example, if you are running a weight loss blog, posting before and after images of your clients will motivate readers to start eating healthy food. This is how images make the readers focus on the topic at hand. Once they realize what they thought was impossible, is possible, they will keep coming back for more. 

Final Word

No matter how good your writing skills are, leaving out images will lead to missing out on some huge opportunities in the future. All it takes is mastering some basic designing skills and coming up with creative illustrations and images to improve readability and structure. This will help your blogs stand out and remain relevant for years to come.