Tips for Keeping Powered Up While Traveling

When traveling somewhere far, everything from food to keeping the gadgets charged is as essential as anything else. To capture the memories and keep your schedule set, it is important to ensure that your devices are powered up while on the go.

Nowadays, there is no way that one can travel without their gadgets, as both technology and traveling are completely intertwined. You cannot possibly think of a trip without having a charged camera or mobile phone to capture the memories. So, let’s discuss some tips that may help save up a device’s battery while traveling. You can also contact this reputable private investigator and ask for help to solve business or family-related problems. Whether you are traveling for fun to Australia or touring industries in Bulgaria, being powered up is important. 

How to Keep Powered up While Travelling

Keeping your mobile phone, camera, and laptop charged is important, especially when traveling alone or abroad.

1. Lower Your Device’s Screen Brightness 

Lower Your Device’s Screen Brightness

The screen brightness drains a lot of battery, so when traveling, make sure to lower the screen brightness of both your mobile phone and laptop. Cranked-up brightness may be great when watching videos on your phone or laptop, but it wouldn’t help when traveling.

2. Delete or Disable Unused Apps 

Delete or Disable Unused Apps

There are always some applications that we never find time to uninstall and clear up our phones. Deleting and disabling all the applications that are not in use will help you save a lot of battery and memory. You can also delete apps like Facebook and Twitter and use them on a mobile browser (if that’s convenient to you). Most social media apps drink a lot of juice since they are always working in the background.

3. Keep a Portable Power Bank 

Keep a Portable Power Bank

Keeping an external battery pack, power bank, and solar-powered backpacks with you can save you from several problems. Solar-powered backpacks are the best to have while traveling because you can keep your stuff in them and charge your gadgets as well.

You can charge your mobile phone, laptop, or even camera with the help of external batteries or solar-powered backpacks. It would be great if you invested in at least one of these options.

4. Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode 

Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode

Keeping your mobile phone on airplane mode while traveling can save up battery. Airplane mode, when turned on, disables Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data. Which in turn reduces the amount of battery used for operating these functions.

5. harge Your Devices, Whenever You Find a Source 

harge Your Devices, Whenever You Find a Source

Never miss an opportunity to charge your devices while traveling; you may not find another one anytime soon. Either it’s a power source at the airport, resting area, or your hotel, make sure you plug in the charger and charge whatever device is running out of battery.

6. Try Using Your Phone Less

Try Using Your Phone Less

A vacation should be about enjoying the moment instead of spending your time on your phone or laptop. Try spending more time making an effort to enjoy the experience. If you are traveling with family or friends, it is even better, as you can divide the responsibilities. For example, one can use their device GPS while the other can click the pictures. This way, even when two devices are in use, the others’ will stay charged and ready to use when needed.

7. Stop Any Applications Running in the Background 


Some applications keep running in the background without letting you know. These apps also use the battery, so it is important to ensure that no hidden applications are running in the background. You can turn such apps off by tweaking your mobile or laptop settings.

8. Mute Your Devices 

Mute Your Devices

Instead of putting your devices on vibration, make sure you mute them. This way, your phone wouldn’t consume battery by using the speakers or vibrators of your phone. Remember that putting your phone on vibration doesn’t save any battery; instead, it uses more battery.

9. Save Some Stuff for Home 


If you don’t need to complete those projects immediately, save them for later. If you don’t need to upload big files while traveling, save that for home too. You can do everything that uses more battery and internet when you are back home or in your hotel room. This way, you will have access to fast internet and charging stations as well.

10. Turn Off Unused Devices 

Turn Off Unused Devices

If you are not using the laptop, mobile, or camera, make sure you turn them off. Turning off unused devices is encouraged because you cannot save more battery in any other way.

Why is it Important to Keep Your Phone Charged While Traveling?

Why is it Important to Keep Your Phone Charged While Traveling?

Keeping your phone powered up is important for several reasons. Firstly, if you are traveling alone, you should have a charged phone. You never know when an emergency might hit you, and you may need to call for help. A charged phone is what you will need at times like this.

While traveling, you may also need GPS service to find the right routes. For which, once again, a charged phone is necessary.

In addition, if you are not carrying a camera with you, you will surely take pictures with your phone camera. We all love making memories, and you will need a powered-up phone to do so.

Lastly, you will require a charged phone for staying in contact with your family, friends, or fellow travelers. This is important because while traveling, you must stay in contact with at least one close person so that they know your whereabouts in case something happens.

Gadgets You Should Have While Traveling

Gadgets You Should Have While Traveling

Besides your mobile phone, camera, and laptop, you should also keep a solar-powered backpack, power bank/external batteries, and car cell phone charger with you while traveling. If you cannot invest in all of these, it is recommended to invest either in external batteries or a solar-powered backpack as both these things can be easily carried and do not take too much space.

Having a car cell phone charger is also important if you are traveling in your personal vehicle. You can simply plug your phone charger in your car and have it charged while you are still on the road. This way, you wouldn’t have to wait to reach anywhere to get your phone charged.


Some people barely ever travel, while others are almost always on the road. For travelers, keeping their devices charged can be a struggle, as they are always on the go; it can even be hard to find a charging station sometimes. Hence it is important to know some tips that can help save up battery.

Moreover, knowing how to charge your devices while on the go is also important. For such situations, solar-powered backpacks and power banks come in handy, as well as the car cell phone chargers. It is important to have powered-up devices for a safe and memorable journey, and we hope these tips will help you out.