Tips for Buying Dinnerware That Will Last Long

Buying and choosing dinnerware can be a confusing task. Not only do you have to consider buying the functional ones (of course!), they should also be pretty-looking and suitable for the occasion. Buying dinnerware for everyday use can be different from getting a set for a big formal holiday meal. 

Moreover, you have to consider the purpose of the dinnerware in your house. Do you wish to use it with your kids or just for adults? The choice of the product varies in every circumstance. Why is buying dinnerware so fussed upon? It is because 1) they are not inexpensive, 2) they reflect your taste and style in uplifting the ambiance of your house. 

Buying Durable Dinnerware 


No one has enough time and money to invest in something that does not last long. Dinnerware, especially the formal ones, is so expensive that you have to put in a lot of consideration before finalizing one. If you are all set for exploring options for durable dinnerware, it is time to know the materials that last long and the ones that cannot keep up in your kitchen for a long time.

Upon knowing about the materials, you can make the right choice. 

1. Understanding Different Materials 



Earthenware sets are less expensive than the other types. They are intrinsically ceramic and have been glazed and roasted. The earthenware sets might appear thick and heavy, but they are not very durable. The most common issue with this dinnerware is chipping. They are not very strong and cannot survive even a little slip of the hand. 


Stoneware is a better choice than earthenware as it has glass mixed in the material for additional strength. Stoneware is very versatile and can easily withstand microwave, dishwasher, and even oven or freezer. 

Porcelain or China 

Porcelain or China dinnerware is suitable mainly for formal dinners and gatherings. They are highly durable yet delicate. They have a translucent appearance and shiny surface. Porcelain or China dishes are safe to put in the microwave or oven; however, it is best to see the manufacturer’s indication. 

Bone China 

It is, by far, the most durable material of all. It is manufactured from animal bone ash and combined with porcelain clay. Bone China dinnerware might appear very delicate, but it is the strongest of all. You can even invest in Bone China dinnerware for daily use as it can withstand extended usage. 


Melamine is basically plastic and is the safest choice for a family with kids. Melamine plates are unbreakable. They have a sturdy appearance and a glossy finish. If you accidentally stumble upon an old melamine dinnerware stashed up in the cupboard somewhere while decluttering your kitchen, now is the time to take it out. 

Melamine lasts long, even with kids around. The only disadvantage of melamine is that you cannot put it in a microwave or oven. 

Vitrified Glass 

Or you can call it Corelle, as it has become synonymous with vitrified glass dinnerware. This material is highly durable. It is a one-time investment as it is virtually indestructible. You can drop it on the floor or slip it in the sink, and it would not chip. 

2. Getting the Right Size 

Getting the Right Size

The second most important tip for buying dinnerware that lasts you long is to get the correct sizes. You might fall in love with a dinnerware comprising big heavy plates and insanely large bowls, but it is useless if it does not fit into your cupboard. 

Stuffing your dinnerware cupboard or shelf with big and heavy sets is only going to make their usage risky. Regularly taking them out and stacking them back might result in a few of them breaking. Therefore, you will be lending soup bowls or small plates from other sets during family dinners in no time. 

Also, the key to extending the life of your dinnerware is to measure the size that fits perfectly into your dishwasher. Plates or bowls slipping from your hands while washing them is another reason your dinnerware will not last long. 

3. Different Sets for Everyday and Formal Dinners 


It is a crucial tip that buyers often ignore. The hassle of saving some money while purchasing dinnerware might end up costing you more in the long run. If you are a huge fan of hosting big holiday dinners, you should invest in a formal dinnerware set other than the one you regularly use. 

Dinnerware also goes through wear and tear and can end up having shorter than usual life at your home. Buying two different sets for regular and formal use can save your formal dinnerware from accidental slippage and frequent washing. 

4. Read All the Instructions Clearly 


It is important to know what you are buying when going for dinnerware shopping. If the daily dinnerware is frequently used in your home to heat food in the microwave, do not purchase the ones that are not microwave-safe.

No matter how much you like them, the manufacturer’s indications are there for a reason. Your dishes would not last long if you treat them differently than what is instructed.  

5. Go For the Reliable Brands 


People do not purchase dinnerware every day. It is a significant investment that families usually make when their previous sets are no longer of use. Therefore, it is best to go for reliable brands such as Corelle when investing a large amount of money. 

The customer service of these brands is also good, and they promise dinnerware that is not going to cost you extra money in the long run. 

6. Go For the Open Stock Option 


Another tip for buying durable dinnerware is to resort to the option of open stocks. It is hard to limit your creative self to one design or style when you can add a mix of designs to your collection. This option also allows you to get dinnerware suitable according to everybody’s needs. 

For instance, you can elongate the life of your regular glass dinnerware by adding matching melamine pieces for the kids to use. It is an excellent way to use your dinnerware to the fullest without damaging them. 

Mix, Match, and Create the Magic 

Nothing in black and white keeps you from testing out new ideas for serving dinner to a houseful of people. You can invent new ways and try out various patterns according to your requirements and desire. However, the most important thing is to buy prudently and wisely. 

Consider the material of dinnerware you want to purchase so that you know all about it. The knowledge of the material gives you an insight into the breakability of the pieces and their ability to withstand heat or cold.

Most importantly, buy dinnerware according to its purpose and usage. Your dinnerware would not last a week if you have kids in the house and you get earthen or stoneware. Thus, it is crucial to consider material, purpose, and usage before finalizing any set.