Tips to Avoid Home Clutter

Keeping a clutter-free home is difficult because cluttering happens unintentionally. Many mothers are tired of repeatedly cleaning and organizing their homes yet cannot completely declutter. But don’t worry, there are some ways to avoid home clutter in the first place. Let’s talk about them.

1. First Believe That It Is Possible 


People think it is impossible to have your home free from clutter, but that is not true. You have to believe first that it is a little tough but still possible. 

It is important to believe in your mind that it is possible because, without that mental motivation, you are not capable of achieving anything in life. 

2. Get Rid of the Useless Stuff


Some people have a habit of keeping stuff at their homes that is centuries old. This creates a mess no matter how hard you try to be organized. You have to get rid of the extra stuff that will no longer be used by anyone in the house. This sorts almost half of the trouble. 

Keeping extra and useless stuff at your home makes you work harder without any apparent outcome. Cupboards and drawers seem full to the extent of overflowing. Therefore, you have to be keen to get rid of these things that you consider useless. This will bring useful things in a better state of order. 

It is not difficult to remove the excess. You can start from one room, and if that feels difficult, you can move to one drawer or cupboard of that room. Get everything out of the drawer and screen the things in use and those that will be used in the future. The garments or other materials with only a 1% possibility of being used in the present or future should be carefully arranged back in the drawer. 

While you screen the essentials, you will see plenty of things that will never be used. You can get rid of this stuff. One drawer after the other and one closet after the other needs to be evaluated. 

3. Donate the Things that are Still in Good Condition 

Tips to Avoid Home Clutter2

It might serve as a motivation to declutter your home often. If you keep things for no reason and they are in good condition, you can donate them to needy people. 

Donate and make it your constant habit, and that will give you inner peace. When people get benefits because of you, that’s another kind of feeling that lightens up the heart. 

4. Try Not to Let the Clutter In

Tips to Avoid Home Clutter3

You should always make a list of things you need and buy the top prioritized stuff on the list. This will prevent the clutter from entering your house. Most of us don’t go organized and buy whatever we like at first sight without realizing that these things might not be worth buying and only create a mess. 

So, whenever you go shopping, make a list of stuff that you need to buy. You should never keep useless things in your home. 

5. Keep Things in Organizers  


You can buy organizers from the nearby local stores or online. These can help increase the space for keeping the stuff. Thus, it is better to arrange your things in these organizers. Setting the stuff open in the drawers or cupboards increases the chances of messing things up in no time. 

Organizers prevent the messing up of things and keep you away from the hustle of cleaning again and again. 

6. Make a Habit of “Get One In, Get One Out” 


For example, if you buy a new appliance for your kitchen, you should get rid of the older one. This will avoid cluttering your home. Again, this policy can benefit people – you can donate your usable stuff every time you buy a new one. 

7. Designate Clutter Zones at Your Home


You don’t necessarily need to get rid of things that are no longer in use. Some things that are closer to the heart can be kept inside the home. This might include some sentimental books or stuff that relate you to someone close to your heart. 

Buy yourself a separate drawer or an organizer to store these things instead of putting them everywhere around your home, leading to clutter.  

8. Store Like with Like

Tips to Avoid Home Clutter

This means that you should store things that are similar to one another. It will depict ordered thinking of your brains. If you keep the items that don’t even relate, you will end up creating a mess in one place. For example, you should arrange all the books in a specific area, such as the book rack in the lounge or your bedroom. 

Keep similar things like cosmetics in one drawer and hairstyle accessories in another. This will look aesthetic and reflects how organized you are. 

9. Store Your Belongings Wisely 

Tips to Avoid Home Clutter

Like decluttering is not merely about throwing the stuff away, storing is also not just blindly storing the things without knowing where and how to store them. 

You should decide whether you need these items at home or not beforehand. If you need that particular thing, make room for it. As already mentioned, store like with like. Never store the items randomly to avoid mess.

10.  Adapt Some Habits that will Avoid Cluttering 


Some habits must be adapted and are necessary to avoid clutter in your home, such as:

  • Try to be punctual and do things on time
  • Try to make your bed every morning
  • Don’t forget to regularly clean your house and make it free from garbage
  • Try to check your mailbox and sort them immediately
  • You should clean up every evening so that the next day you have a fresh start
  • Designate a specific place for every item in your home and never displace it from its decided place
  • Never leave the projects midway. Complete them before moving on


11. Plan the Paperwork so that Piling Can be Avoided 

Tips to Avoid Home Clutter

Paperwork is undoubtedly one of the most common clutter-causing things in every home. You should have a plan to avoid the clutter caused by paperwork. You should then dispose of the waste immediately while keeping the important papers in the organizer. 

12. Reset Your Home Daily 

Tips to Avoid Home Clutter11

To avoid clutter and mess, you have to deal with it once a month. Therefore, make sure to reset your home daily in the morning or evening. Evening or night are the best times for resetting your home because you have no idea what your house went through in the previous 24 hours. 

A huge mess can gather within a day, so it is better to have a quick round of the house in the evening and get rid of the stuff that somehow managed to enter your home. 


It is important to get rid of items that are not in use and will not be used in the future. To get rid of these things, you can do daily cleaning, donate them, reset your home often, and buy only when needed. You can follow all the tips mentioned above to avoid clutter in the first place.