What Are the Best Flashlights to Have for Home Preparedness?

No matter what the emergency is – whether you’re dealing with a blown fuse or a storm-induced blackout – a good flashlight is an absolute necessity in your emergency kit.

Flashlights are actually very versatile. In addition to illuminating dark places, they can be used for several other reasons. You can use a flashlight to send a distress signal to the rescuing team. You can also use it to temporarily blind or disorient another person, ward off wild animals who naturally shy away from light, and of course, help you find your way.

As you can see, flashlights are utility tools used for illumination and communication, so there’s a reason to include a flashlight or any other illumination options for a survival kit. Nowadays, you can find many types of emergency flashlights, including battery-operated, rechargeable, solar, and hand-crank (wind-up) options.

Here are some of the best flashlights you should include for home preparedness:

pocket LED flashlight lies on a sand

The best battery-operated flashlight

If you prefer a battery-operated flashlight, you should consider a few certain things. Since none of these flashlights come with the batteries required to operate them, make sure that you keep spare batteries enough for use during an emergency. When buying such a flashlight, find out which type and how many batteries it requires.

AA batteries are the most common, and you can find them at almost any store. Some of the best AA battery-operated flashlights currently on the market is the ThruNite Archer 2A V3. It requires only two AA batteries, but it provides a wide range of brightness settings. These settings include a very dim mode that allows you to read maps or instruction manuals (without hurting your vision) and a bright mode that can illuminate things 500 feet away. The interface is versatile and easy to operate.

Despite its compact and lightweight body, the ThruNite Archer 2A V3 is built to last. It can survive after a one-meter drop or even total immersion in water. It has other features that can rival those of more expensive flashlights: a memory function and a momentary-on feature that turns the light on and off with just a slight press of the rear button.

The best rechargeable flashlight

The biggest convenience of rechargeable flashlights it doesn’t require external batteries. Just make sure that it’s fully and properly charged so that you won’t end up without a working flashlight during an emergency.

Anker is an electronics company known for its phone chargers, power banks, and various rechargeable devices, among other products. Their rechargeable flashlights have been highly rated by several product reviews. However, we could mention just one here – the Anker Bolder LC40 Flashlight. The light will last up to 20 hours when it’s on a medium-beam setting, and you can recharge it with a 1A adapter (purchased separately) and a micro-USB cable (included in the unit). 

This small, compact, but powerful flashlight whose beam can go the distance as two football fields at night. The Anker Bolder LC40 also has a zoom adjustment for both wide and narrow beams to give you a clearer vision of what you need to see when everything’s dark. It has five light settings: high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS.

The LC40 gets plus points for its compact design, durability, and reasonable price.


The best solar flashlight

Solar flashlights make good backups if you’re trying to conserve the battery of your other flashlights. Of course, they also make excellent primary sources of illumination during emergencies. They can provide unlimited light as long as you remember to charge them up under the sun. Some models can even function as solar power banks, charging your phones and other devices.

Currently, reviewers give glowing reviews to NPET T09 Solar Flashlight. With its versatility, it does more than just a flashlight. This tool is really made for emergency situations. It utilizes seven light positions and modes to take a simple flashlight to the next level. This water- and shock-resistant flashlight also functions as a rechargeable power bank and even car escape tool. The flashlight has a powerful magnet on the side of its head, allowing you to attach it to the car or other metallic surface to use as a camping light, work light, or emergency warning light.

The best hand-crank flashlight

A hand-crank flashlight will provide you with enough light without relying on batteries, electricity, or solar panels, or in the absence of any of them. However, some hand-crank flashlights have additional features, such as a built-in radio, solar panel, power bank, and other emergency tools. 

Reviewers consider the RunningSnail Emergency Crank Radio with Flashlight the top pick. It comes with the necessary features for a hand-cranked flashlight, but the extras make it even worth the purchase. RunningSnail has four methods of charging: a folding hand crank, a replaceable lithium-ion battery, a USB charger, and a built-in solar panel. Not only those, but this flashlight also comes with a built-in radio with seven pre-programmed channels and a retractable antenna for better signal quality. As for its illuminating capabilities, the RunningSnail has three light-level settings: a far beam mode with 75 lumens, the dipped beam mode with 70 lumens, and the combined far and dipped beam modes with 135 lumens. And that’s not all! The RunningSnail is also equipped with a motion detector that will activate a small reading lamp for 30 seconds to help you get up and navigate through a crowded tent at midnight without waking anyone up.