Ideas for Laundry Room Décor

Laundry is an essential home chore that many people despise, but it doesn’t have to be that way in your laundry room. Home decorators and interior designers never miss a chance to decorate, understanding that the secret to a fashionable interior is making the most of every square inch of your home.

No matter how small or large a space is, elevating a laundry room from a strictly utilitarian room to a functional and beautiful area of its own will make your daily responsibilities a bit more palatable. Because a laundry room is a somewhat private location in the home, you can use it to supplement your existing decor or as an opportunity to go all out with wallpaper, color, or design that you might otherwise shy away from in the main living rooms.

Check out these trendy ideas for laundry room décor to inspire your utility room makeover or refresh, whether you’re remodeling your current space, creating a laundry room for a new house, or just seeking ideas to refresh your current laundry room.

Floating Island

Painting your traditional cabinetry in a relaxing pastel blue adds storage and allows you to sort and fold clothes. A moveable center island with a marble surface and a stainless steel base that matches the cabinet pulls adds an extra workstation without obstructing the flow and might even help you avoid clutter. Soft geometric gray-and-white tiles provide a gentle dose of charm as well.

Gold, Black, and White

Choose glossy black stacked appliances, matte white Shaker-style cabinetry, blingy gold cabinet pulls, and overhead lighting fixtures for a laundry room makeover that transforms the little area into an elegant, practical room with a touch of glam.

It’s a Pattern

A patterned window curtain and scene-stealing dramatic graphic tile flooring take the spotlight away from the appliances in a galley-style laundry room.


Incorporate an industrial touch into your laundry room renovation by installing a freestanding stainless steel utility sink. The industrial look is complemented by white subway tile and black cabinets with black grout.

Elements of Wood

different wood elements and plants

Warm wood accents, graphic black-and-white wallpaper, black hexagonal floor tiles, and a mix of open and closed storage to house plants and accessories created a practical room with lots of flare in your light-filled laundry room.

Stone and Wood

Your laundry room will seem fresh, serene, and slightly woodsy with streamlined cabinetry and a casing around the appliances in rich-toned wood with plenty of natural grain, as well as black slate worktops.

Hanging Rack in the Open Air

Make the most of your laundry room’s enormous proportions by creating a large countertop folding area with a trio of dedicated rolling laundry bins kept beneath it, as well as a long built-in hanging rack to make it easier to air-dry clothing and save money and energy on the dryer.

Boho Design Style

Simple wall hooks strung with Turkish towels, a bright geometric kilim rug, and a Moroccan basket provide a hint of boho style to this easy, breezy decor.

Multi-Colored Tile

Patterned multi-colored tile and dark green painted cabinetry add vitality, color, and good energy to a small laundry room. A long floating shelf and cabinetry can be used to create a wall of storage for linens and laundry materials, and you can use brass faucets and hardware throughout the space to brighten and unite the space.


a woman folding her laundry, a dog, stacked washing machine and dryer, laundry room

In a small laundry room, stack the appliances and add built-ins to provide storage to the ceiling and a countertop for folding clothing. A hanging rod beside the window allows you to almost air-dry your garments on a sunny day.


Install black wainscoting at the same height as your black appliances to help merge it smoothly into the black cabinetry for a black-and-white laundry room design with intrigue and texture. Cover the walls with a loose graphic patterned wallpaper and tile the flooring with a pretty geometric that adds style and usefulness to the compact space, leaving the counters free for folding and sorting.

Window Seats

Built-in window seats take advantage of the room’s huge, tall windows to create a pleasant combination of laundry and mudroom in your clean and modern home.

Rustic Flooring

Construct a large laundry room with a storage wall from the ground up, complete with rustic flooring to give the impression that it has always been there.

White, White, and More White

a man in a white shirt folding a white cloth inside the laundry room, white cloth drape on a hanging rack

Move the useful sink beneath the window and use a “white on white on white” color scheme with shiplap walls, penny tile floors, and white quartz counters to improve the view. Gold-toned hooks, cabinet knobs, and fixtures, as well as a vintage rug and hanging plants, provide warmth and flair to the space.

Farmhouse Sink Vignette

A farmhouse sink lighted by a sconce makes a comfortable focal point in a large laundry room, and a little old painting adds warmth to the newly renovated space.

Fresh and Joyful

Usable and lovely laundry space and tones of green and blue on the backsplash create a happy, uplifting laundry room. A sink, a countertop, and a stackable washer/dryer can all be added.

The tiling design is picked up by two-toned cabinetry on the lowers and uppers. The vibrant and fresh environment is finished off with hexagonal bronze knobs that reflect the shape of the backsplash tile.

Wild Wallpaper

On all four walls of your laundry room, hang a striking gray, blue, and white Japanese landscape-inspired wallpaper. To tie everything and make it appear intentional, use a bold blue tone from the wallpaper to paint the cabinetry and trim. Using wallpaper in a remote, isolated location like a laundry room is a great opportunity to play with color and pattern without risking getting bored with it in the main room.


Feature a black-and-white palette down some black hangers on a black drying rod to transform your drab laundry area into a simple French-inspired one. A lovely patterned tile floor provides a touch of playfulness, while tall white-painted cabinetry with black knobs maximizes vertical storage.

The Secret Behind the Barn Door

a sliding barn door with lights, a table with plats, another wooden door

A laundry room off the kitchen may have its own identity with a splash of green paint and a huge gray sliding barn door that can be hidden when not in use.

Small Details

An antique laundry sign, industrial farmhouse sconces, a tiny plant, and wire baskets loaded with clean white cotton are just a few little things that can make a laundry room feel cozy.