Who Are the Top London Purse and Handbag Designers?

British purse and handbag designers are known across the globe for producing and introducing some of the finest items in the world. Each brand or designer has its own identity, which is highlighted in their color schemes or patterns. In addition to that, these designers have a huge history and continue to achieve the highest levels of perfection.

Alexander McQueen

When it comes to the list of top handbags, Alexander McQueen takes the crown. The brand carries the designer’s name i.e. Alexander McQueen. Until 2004, he was the former head of Givenchy. But then he parted ways and introduced his own label. Each year Alexander McQueen is mentioned in the top purse brands in the UK with a wide variety of selections to choose from.

Alexander McQueen handbags are identified by the knuckleduster closures of clutches that are one of the brand’s signature designs. Furthermore, the brand also offers shoulder bags, minis, totes, satchels, and top handle classics.

Aspinal of London

The list of top handbags brands is incomplete without mentioning the Aspinal of London. It was launched in 2001 and the brand specializes in producing luxury goods including women’s handbags. Aspinal of London is a brand that deals in contemporary designer handbags and their purses are mostly identified by vintage or classic flair.

Meanwhile, other varieties offered by the brand feature professional designs for the modern woman. The brand deals in clutch, signature styles, shoulder, totes, mini, hobo, and camera bags, etc.


Burberry is yet again another British designer powerhouse that ranks amongst the best in the top purse brands list. The brand not only specializes in designing and producing purses and handbags but also ready-to-wear clothing items including footwear, leather goods, fragrances, and cosmetics.

The brand was established by Thomas Burberry in 1856 originally focusing on the development of outdoor attire. With time, the brand has made its way into the high fashion market. Their signature triple-stud close style is easily identifiable.

Moreover, the purses are usually made from full-grain calf leather, while some feature a tartan plaid canvas design. Today, the brand offers mini, totes, crossbody, shoulder and clutch bags, etc.


Mulberry was established in 1971 by Roger Saul and his mother Joan. In 1973, they opened a factory in England. At the time, the area was well-known for leather fabrication and Clarks shoes was a famous brand serving its customers. Mulberry established itself as a British lifestyle brand that is noted for its leather poacher bags including dispatch bags and binocular bags.

Today, Mulberry offers a huge variety of male and female fashions, footwear, and leather accessories. It ranks amongst the top purse designers especially when it comes to the iconic Bayswater. The brand offers a wide variety of styles including bucket, crossbody, tote, and clutch, etc.

Danse Lente

The Danse Lente brand is a brand that specializes in handbags along with small leather goods. The brand carries a French name, which means “Slow Dance”. The name basically reflects the inspiration derived from contemporary aesthetics and modern architecture.

The purses and handbags designed by the brand are easily identified by their playful and artistic designs. Some of the top designs include sphere structured, sculptural bags and cigarette box, etc. Plus, the items offered by the brand are more reasonably priced as compared to other top brands.


The Gewniss purses’ founders were obsessed with the art of leather and wanted to keep it alive. The result was the birth of the Gweniss brand. The brand operates slightly differently when compared to other brands as it utilizes independent manufacturers, artisans, and craftsmen located in England, who deal with premium quality leather.

These handmade purses feature the brand’s craftsmanship Quality Promise. Some of the most famous styles of the brand include crossbody, saddle, satchels, and mini purses.


DeMellier was founded in 2013 and was formerly Milli Millu by Mireia Llusia-Lindh. Even though the brand exists in the UK but the leather handbags are handmade by artisans in Spain. If you are altruistic-minded, you will surely appreciate the brand’s effort by helping others with the A Bag.

The brand offers the customers a chance to donate a set of vaccines and treatments for children upon purchasing a bag. Plus, the crossbody and shoulder designs include the camera, mini, maxi, and half-moon styles, etc.

Sarah Haran

The story of the Sarah Haran brand took off when the founder and creative director Sarah Haran couldn’t find the type of purse she wanted and as a result, taught herself to make a handbag. Soon, what began as a hobby became a full-time business and Sarah Haran’s handbags were making the rounds.

Her concept of bag-in-a-bag was simply ahead of its time. It allowed the owners to restyle their purses with straps, tassels, and other accessories. These bags became an overnight sensation amongst women. Some of the purse style choices include satchel, tote, mini and backpack tote, etc.

Handbag Materials

Bag Fabric

The biggest factor a designer or brand needs to consider is the bag fabric. It can make or break the appearance of the bag. Since the fabric will be used on the entire bag, the ease of carrying for the customer should also be valued. As a general rule of thumb, mostly those fabrics are chosen that are sturdy and durable.

For the past few years, brands have been experimenting with vinyl, leather, canvas, and pleather, etc.


Bags like fake leather, thick canvas, and vinyl do not need facing. However, all the other types of fabrics require some interfacing to make them appear good enough. At the same time, fusible/sew-in interfacing is added to the body of the bag to give it strength.

Therefore, when it comes to interfacing, the choice depends on the fabric used for the bag. The fusible interfacing is attached to both exterior as well as the lining using heat to the backside of the fabric and is available in different thicknesses.


Bag handles are usually made using the exterior of the bag itself. But the nylon/cotton fibers used to make webbing makes it both very easy and convenient to make handles. These fibers simply need to be attached and cut. Meanwhile, the side edges of webbing are also neatly finished and tend to be very strong. In addition to that, webbing is also available in various colors and widths.

Final Word

The fashion world is crawling with fashion designers from around the world. The Spanish, Italians, British, and Americans continue to rule the world of handbags and purses. It is easy to become confused and lost amongst the overwhelming variety but carrying a handbag or purse is based on personal style and preference. So, if you are out on the hunt for the perfect item, do give the above-mentioned brands a try.