Guide to Buying Your Kid’s Remote Control Car

Children’s remote control (RC) cars aren’t just toys that give them hours of entertainment. They’re also instructional toys that help children develop their mental, physical, and social skills in unexpected ways.

These can even be used to teach science and technology topics to children in a fun way, especially in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

While the terms “remote-controlled” and “radio controlled” technically apply to devices that are connected to their controllers through cables and devices controlled via a radio-frequency link, they are often used interchangeably.

A remote control car is a superb toy for kids of all ages. When purchasing an RC car, there are numerous things to consider.

Type of Vehicle

There are numerous remote control vehicles available, but the most fall under one of three categories: automobiles, trucks, or buggies. While all three types of RC vehicles are commonly called “cars,” there are some variations between them.


The fastest RC vehicles are cars. Some remote control cars can reach speeds of up to 100 mph. The greatest place to utilize remote control automobiles is on a smooth surface, like a paved road. They can accelerate around any impediment since they take turns well.


Off-roading is best done in trucks. RC trucks are more capable of handling tough terrain than RC automobiles. They’re ideal for use outside, and some varieties are even waterproof.


Buggies combine the advantages of both modes of transportation. You can do off-road or on-road racing with a remote control buggy. They’re not as fast as RC cars, and unlike RC trucks, they can’t traverse difficult terrain, but they’re excellent all-around vehicles.

Price Brackets

It’s critical to think about your budget while selecting a remote control automobile. If you’re looking for a younger youngster, start with a less expensive model (just in case it breaks). Older children and teens may prefer a high-end RC car due to its speed and durability.

The most basic RC cars range in price from $10 to $35. Remote control vehicles in the lower price category are ideal for extremely young children who are more likely to break their new toy.

The controls on these toy cars are usually simple, and there are few extra features. They may not be as fast as a more expensive model or as capable of handling tough terrain. On the other hand, most young children will be unconcerned about this and will have a great time with a less expensive RC car.

Model kits with more features cost between $100 to $150. An automobile will most likely have more features in this price range, such as four-wheel drive and faster speeds. These automobiles are also more durable.

At this pricing bracket, you’ll discover cars that are quick and do cool things but are also easy to drive. This, paired with the inexpensive cost, makes RC cars in this price range great toys for older children.

Certain models are priced far more than $150 if you want to spend a lot of money on an RC car. When you reach this pricing bracket, you’ll find cars with a wide selection of amazing amenities. On the other hand, high-end RC cars are typically built for racing and require meticulous maintenance, so they aren’t suitable for young children.

To get a discount on remote control cars, all you should do is look for a coupon code.

Remote Controls

RC car and the remote control on a road

Your car’s motions will be controlled via the remote controller. The controller “talks” to a car receiver through a radio transmitter. RC cars are often equipped with either stick or pistol grip controllers.

Stick controls resemble a video-game controller in that they include two sticks, which you manipulate with your thumbs. These are rather simple for children to learn to use, particularly if they are already accustomed to PlayStation or Xbox controllers.

A pistol grip controller has a throttle that resembles a gun’s trigger. The trigger causes the car to move forward when it is pulled. Pulling the trigger down further accelerates the process.

You spin a little wheel with your other hand to steer the automobile, just like a real car’s steering wheel. Pistol-grip controls provide more accurate control of the vehicle, but they have a steeper learning curve.

Source of Power

When it comes to your RC car’s power source, you have two choices: nitro fuel or electric.

Rechargeable battery packs power electric vehicles. Electric RC cars are simple to get started with. You charge the battery pack, install it in the car, and drive away! Electric models are normally less expensive than nitro-fueled models, but they’re also slower and less powerful.

Nitro fuel-powered RC cars are loud, quick, and powerful. Nevertheless, they are quite costly. Nitro-fuel cars are designed for hardcore enthusiasts and require some upkeep.

Not to point out the fact that these RC cars will require gas and oil. If you’re shopping for a younger kid, the additional lubrication, maintenance, and gasoline expenditures make nitro-fuel RC cars a less appealing alternative. The power and noise of a nitro-fueled RC car will undoubtedly appeal to older children and teens, but keep in mind the additional effort required.

Car Brand

RC car on the grass

Brands will besiege you if you go hunting for an RC car. There are many, some of which are only available in a few stores or on the internet—several well-known brands, such as JEYPOD, and some high-end brands, like Best Choice Products. 

Altair Aerial, Fisca, and BEZGAR are three well-known brands with a solid reputation, and there are plenty more.

There are a plethora of online retailers, some of which offer rather easy access to over-the-phone support. It’s a good idea to see how easy they are to contact if you have any problems; give them a call or send them an email to see how easy it is before you buy.


Finally, you’ll need to decide on the size of your RC car. The scale of an RC car indicates its size in comparison to a full-size car. RC automobiles are often available in sizes varying from 1/16 to 1/5.

1/16, 1/10, 1/8, and 1/5 are the most prevalent sizes. Larger models cost more, but they frequently contain more interchangeable parts and are easier to repair. Consider where you’ll be driving and storing your RC car and how much you’re willing to spend before selecting a size.

What Characterizes the Best Kids’ Remote Control Cars?

While originality is vital, so is the simplicity of construction and use. If you’re buying a remote control car for a youngster, make sure it doesn’t require much help to operate. It would benefit you to consider how long the item will last.

If the remote control cars will be jumping, racing, and/or possibly colliding with walls (hey, accidents happen! ), you’ll want to make sure they can withstand the impact.