Tips for Buying Your Child’s First RC Plane

Most people would agree that childhood creates a massive impact on every person’s life. A great childhood encompasses fun and healthy memories of play, exploration, and learning. The precious joy of childhood is something that only we, parents, can offer. And we can do so by undertaking the stuff we and kids both adore.

Toys are excellent tools that help our children explore themselves and the world. In the UK, remote control toys are trendy; they are also pretty educational. RC planes, for instance, are super impressive and exhilarating — they make for marvelous bonding moments that create memories they can keep through adulthood.

Assuming that you also love RC planes, buying one for your child shouldn’t worry- after all, you already know the hobby by heart. Nevertheless, buying toys for your kid requires at least a moment of thinking, as with any other purchases. On the flip side, if you are a first-timer to this flying hobby, this article might help you figure out your first purchase. Read on below for some tips on buying your kid’s first RC plane.

Tip 1. Consider the Design

Since your child is a beginner to this remote control flying hobby, you can expect that they might find it challenging to maneuver their first-ever RC plane. When buying the kit, it will be wise to keep in mind the design. By design, we may mean two things: aesthetics and build.

Aesthetics create excellent first impressions, and if you are successful, you’d surely love that priceless look on your kid’s face. A nice-looking toy is every child’s treasure, which they can share with their friends. It also hooks them to the hobby without even noticing, for kids are naturally drawn to things of beauty.

On the other hand, the build of the RC plane (its dimensions, angles, and framing) contribute to its maneuverability. A high wing airplane is your best shot to help your child get the hang of controlling the toy. The wings of this type of RC plane are on top of the fuselage, which results in a more stable maneuver. The overall weight becomes more manageable as well, so mid-air gliding and turning become smooth and easy. 

You may also opt for planes with ‘V’ angled wings, called dihedral. Dihedrals also help stabilize the RC plane. It is crucial that our kids feel that they can ‘somehow do it’ as it allows them to fall in love with the hobby.

Tip 2. Mind the Controls

The next tip for buying your kid their first RC plane is considering their age and ability to use the controls. That is if you’re ok about them crashing that pricey RC plane on its first-ever flight. Buying RC planes that your kids can easily control saves you from expensive fails and provides an excellent motor and sensory practice appropriate for their age.

Single and 2-channel RC airplanes are perfect picks for your little ones. These controllers provide an almost effortless control. Since the controls are way simpler, the things the little aircraft can do are also limited. But, it makes an excellent initiation for your soon-to-be pilot.

In case your kids are a little bit ahead of their years, you may want to surprise them with cooler, more sophisticated planes that give more control over the plane’s integral parts. You may opt for 3-channel RC airplanes, which offer control over the motor, rudder (or ailerons), and elevator. Planes with ailerons are capable of mid-air stunts or aerobatics that would undoubtedly hook your kids up.

Tip 3. Choose the Type of RC Plane You Want Your Child to Work With

Choose the Type of RC Plane You Want Your Child to Work With

Model Kits, Almost Ready to Fly (ARTF), and Ready to Fly (RTF) are variations of RC planes. Since your goal is to find an excellent RC plane for your child and not yours, you must know what type would work best for them. To do that, you may need to ask your kid’s opinion.

Model kits are excellent for building RC planes. Hence, they require time and effort to work with. If your child is more of a builder than a flyer and is willing to devote his time working on a project, you got your pick. In hindsight, building model kits provide an opportunity for you to bond with your kid, so no time or effort is wasted.

ARTF planes are prime choices for beginning RC plane enthusiasts that want to give their little aircraft a little customization before taking it for a fly. These RC planes require less effort to prep. RTF planes, on the other side, are ideal for those who want to fly the tiny flying machine without worrying much about the specifics. 

Whichever type you opt to buy, involving your kid in the decision-making is worth the try.

Tip 4. Opt for a More Child-Friendly Power Source

Internal combustion power (IC) or electric power (EP) can both power RC planes. However, the difference lies in the by-product of the said power sources. For example, IC power leaves louder noise and a pungent smell. The possible adverse effects can be worrying, so you may opt for electrically powered RC planes.

EP planes are less costly and more environment-friendly than its counterpart. It is also easier to use and maintain, as charging is easier than plugging in a home appliance. EP planes also do not leave hazardous by-products to the environment, making it more welcome to public places like parks and open spaces.

Tip 5. Local Shop or Online?

So, you want to buy that RC plane, but you have no idea where to look. Well, why don’t you take a ride to your local store and see if there’s any that ticks all your boxes? Having the kit right in your hands lets you analyze its quality and its features. 

Going to the local shop and seeing the item for yourself is an advantage, as it helps you discern, compare, and weigh things out. You may also want to take your child with you to help you with the decision-making, but of course, with the risk of spending more money than you expect. However, if your options are limited or you can’t just make it, it doesn’t hurt to try online shopping.

Online shops provide so much convenience; we’ll give it to them. And there are tons of excellent choices available too. The downside of it, though, is that you won’t be able to confirm whether the item is what you expect it to be unless the shop is some well-built credibility. So, when purchasing online, make sure to exercise caution and discernment to avoid frauds and scams.


Simply seeing our kids undertake things we also love is a huge source of gladness and inspiration. Although sometimes we miss the fun of playing with them due to work and busy schedules, we can still help them live the best out of their childhood. 

We owe it to our young ones to ensure they get the best childhood they can ever have. RC planes are excellent picks to help our kids develop a fun, engaging, and educating hobby. With the right budget and a good eye for details, we can present our kids with the best RC toys that they will surely treasure as they grow up to be adults. We hope you get the perfect RC plane for your kiddo. Best of luck!