What are the different types of stoves?

Stoves have a long history of development. From its earliest crude form that dates back 4,000 years ago across Asia until its innovative and convenient design in the modern ages, the development of stoves also reflects the kind of progress mankind has achieved in cooking and food preparation.

The introduction of “kitchen range with a cooktop” started during the Age of Enlightenment in Europe. Starting in the 19th century, gas and electric stoves became widely available in America, Europe, and Asia.

Stoves come in various sizes, shapes, and purposes. As stove makers now have varied designs in their products, people also have plenty of options in choosing one for their homes.

Some known types of stoves and their use

1. Gas

Gas stove flame

The gas stove has numerous advantages. It can cook your food quickly. It gives you so much control in terms of slowing down or increasing its flame during your cooking time. This allows you to cook your food at a precise temperature without worrying a lot about burning it.

Once you turn it off, the gas stove will also cool down very fast. This is safe for the children who are around the kitchen because they will not easily get hurt if they touch the stove. If you lose electricity to light up the stove, you can simply light a matchstick to ignite its burner.

However, it is important that your home has a good ventilation system if you are using a gas stove. Make sure that no hazardous fumes are left after you use the stove. You can save money from using a gas stove because it only uses less expensive fuel.

A gas stove uses propane or natural gas. It emits less pollution, too. You can pick a gas stove either with direct vent models or ventless models.

2. Electric

Portable electric stove

An electric stove is a perfect choice for homeowners on a budget. It is easy to find and very handy to use. Not to mention, an electric stove is easy to clean. You simply wipe its coil or top surface.

To use it, you simply plug it into an electric outlet. However, heating up this kind of stove takes a little bit of time. But it is safer for children around because an electric stove does not produce an open flame. You can easily install or keep it inside your home. This kind of stove is also portable and can be easily operated.

However, you have to be careful of its wirings. Make sure that the stove’s electric cord is free from damage to avoid being electrocuted once you touched the wire upon plugging it into the home outlet. Its downside is when there is a power outage or power failure. You can’t use it when there is no electricity.

3. Range cookers

Contemporary kitchen with range cooker

Range cookers are a great choice for those who love to cook and enjoy time in their kitchen.

A ranger cooker is usually featured with two or more ovens, a good selection of hob burners, and a grilling area. In contemporary living, a range cooker at home is always a great choice because it is versatile and coupled with a solid metal appearance.

It adds a more aesthetic appearance and elegance to your kitchen place. With its functionality, high capacity, craftsmanship, and design, a range cooker can easily blend with other kitchen appliances including cupboard spaces.

Its presence in the kitchen always stands out among other kitchen features whether freestanding or built-in unit. A range cooker never fails to bring high performance. If you love to cook while entertaining some guests in your kitchen area, a range cooker provides flexibility as you are cooking multiple dishes. With its separate compartment areas, grill, and oven spaces, a range cooker provides you an ample opportunity to cook plenty of dishes with a different set of temperatures and time.

4. Induction

Induction stove

The best part of an induction stove is that it heats up faster than other cooktops. Its heat will directly transfer to the cooking pot instead of the entire stove area. The heat easily stops once you remove the cooking pot from it. This is good because it will leave your cooking surface free from heat. While it also comes with a “hefty price”, induction stove also needs a specialized kind of cooking wares.

More, an induction stove produces a humming noise when it is used at high settings.

5. Wood burning stove

Wood burner

This stove uses wood as a primary source of fuel. It is commonly made of metal or cast iron. Its features include the burn chamber and the chimney.

6. Pellet Stoves

Pellet stove uses compressed wood or other biomass material to produce heat. It is mechanical and does not need electricity to heat it.


Woman cooking

Generally speaking, more people have become more inclined to cook nowadays because of the availability of these wide ranges of stove designs. As its development also continues, some stoves are now featured with WiFi, LED, and other modern tech-assisted options, including artificial intelligence. Whatever your preferred stove is, you just have to make sure that it suits your cooking needs.