Precautions to Take When Making Model Kits

Precautions to Take When Making Model Kits

Are you making model kits? Scale modeling is becoming a popular hobby nowadays, especially car model kits, which usually come cheap and easy to assemble. Meanwhile, there are some model kits that can be more complicated, which involves some risks and guidelines that need to be strictly followed. If you want to … Read more

What is Aerotowing?


To perform aerotowing, a powered aircraft has to be attached to a glider using a tow rope. Motor gliders or a single-engine light aircraft are typically used in this exhibition. After being connected to each other, the tow plane then takes the glider up to the sky and in a preferred height … Read more

What are ARTF Plane Kits?

Micro-sized 3D plane

Introduction RC Planes are one of the best ways to kill your time if you already have had a full experience with an RC Car or Semi-Truck. RC Planes are a bit difficult to control compared to an RC car, but they do bring the same amount of fun. If you are … Read more

History of the Spitfire Airplane

The Supermarine spitfire being used by Royal Airforce of Britain.

Introduction Long raged wars have often ended due to the negative repercussions that were being caused by the modern equipment such as bomber aircrafts which damaged a lot of area as well as killed a large number of people as well. As a result of this, due to extreme violence by the … Read more

Introduction to RC Semi Truck Kits

An RC Semi Truck

Among the various hobbies of children as well as adults is playing with the Remote-Control Cars and Trucks. You would be surprised to know that there are already many different types of brands working for the remote-control cars and trucks. If you are planning on buying an RC Semi Truck, here is … Read more