Which Is Better – Gas or Electric Stove?

The discussion about having a gas or an electric stove is getting much hype nowadays as both have become readily available in the market. 

For the married couple, deciding between a gas or electric stove is also a bit of a challenge as husband and wife each have their way of looking at things, particularly what’s more advantageous or disadvantageous.

As men are more practical, they can easily be ecstatic about installing their home with a gas line. While the women, cautious and meticulous as they are, could come up with research, studies, and practical tips from other couples or home experts on what would be ideal for their kitchen.

Interestingly, whether gas or stove, both of them have benefits. While electric stove uses a metal heating apparatus and gas stove employs an open flame, these two carry pros and cons. Moreover, it would be best if you had enough know-how on what are the different types of stoves that work best for you.

This is why you have to be aware of the things in your dining and kitchen areas, from dining table, to dinnerware, and finally, the cooking  equipment!

While there is no straightforward answer on which is the smarter choice between the two for your culinary creativity and other kitchen needs, you have to discover information which will work best for the way you want things to happen during your cooking time at home.

 Indeed, electric and gas ranges have advantages, depending on how you cook or what you cook.

Gas stoves give more responsive heat control for stir-frying vegetables and meat. On the other hand, electric stoves work best with baked dishes.

Gas stove, lit a blue flame burner

“However, whether you opt for a gas or electric stove may depend on which energy source is available to you. According to the federal Energy Information Administration, only about half of U.S. homes have access to natural gas,” said Sharon Franke of Designer Appliances.

“That limits your options considerably unless you’re willing and able to install propane yourself,” Franke added.

Home expert Felicia Feaster, of GHTV, maintained that “most American consumers own either a gas or electric smooth top range with a smaller group owning electric coil-top or induction ranges.”

“Everyone has their preference when it comes to choosing a gas or an electric range. But with changes in kitchen design and in our habits, you may find a strong preference can be swayed,” said Feaster.

Find the differences between gas and electric stove

Gas Stove Pros

The advantages of gas stoves include the ability to heat up faster; thus, it can cook your food quicker. With its built-in control, you can easily manage the precise control of the flames as it spreads around the pan’s bottom or side parts. In this manner, you have the opportunity to have a uniform cooking experience of your dish, adding a great taste and texture to your food.

The gas stove also can toast and char food like peppers, and the flambé sauces, in case you are craving a delicious yummy dessert.

Furthermore, the gas stoves can also give you minimal operating cost for a number of good reasons, particularly if you are already paying for natural gas. Gas costs between 10 to 30 percent less than electricity.

While food can cook a bit faster using a gas stove, there is a big chance that you use the stove less often than an electric. Since the burning flame in a gas stove can be seen by your naked eye, you can instantly notice it if you forgot to turn off the stove. This kind of benefit on a gas stove is a lifesaver, especially for the forgetful folks!

Man installing a gas hob in a kitchen

Gas Stove Cons

While a gas stove is easy to maintain, it also has some environmental concerns. Foremost, the gas range releases dangerous elements like carbon monoxide into the air. This is equally hazardous, especially if you find yourself in an unvented room. They are also a bit expensive to buy and install. Not to mention, you need a new gas line for it.

Additionally, gas ranges are not easy to clean. You need to have a gas hook up or propane to power it. You need the assistance of a plumber to install a gas line which can cost you anywhere from $500 to $2000.

Electric Stove Pros

Since electric range stovetops commonly feature a flat cooking area that is a ceramic-glass blend, it provides consistent temperatures throughout the heating surface. 

To power your electric stove, you need a 220 or 240-volt outlet. For both amateur and professional cooks, an electric stove serves as a piece of cooking equipment they can depend on.

Electric stoves give precise oven heat. It offers better responsiveness to various changes in its settings. The dry heat from electric ranges is ideal for creating perfectly browned results in vegetables, chicken, and bread. The electric stovetop space is versatile since it can accommodate plenty of dishes with various cookware sizes. The electric stove provides multi-ring areas that are applicable to the type of cooking wares you are using.

 When it is already time to clean it, the electric stovetops can give you a handy way of doing it. Just wipe the flat and smooth surface of the electric ranges. This is much easier than gas stovetops when you have to remove the cast iron grates before you can clean up the surface below.

Horizontal shot of a white stove top with one hot burner and two off

Electric Stove Cons

Choosing electric ranges over gas ranges means you have to find or provide a particular outlet to power it, in case it is not yet in place. During power outages, your electric ranges will not work.

Though you can clean it easily, you have to avoid the abrasive way of doing it because it can damage the surface. You can also hire an electrician to change your 220 or240-volt outlet to a 110-volt outlet.

The Bottomline

While knowing the basics between the gas and electric ranges are important for your understanding, switching between the two types of cooking equipment also requires professional help. The decision to pick your type of stove is largely dependent on your preference. And yes, you can get the best of both worlds and still won’t go wrong with either option.