Different Types of RC Semi Kits

Radio Control (RC) car brings you to the world of speed, excitement, and fun. The RC car action is something that has taken the game world by storm, thanks to the cutting-edge features, tech advice, customized kits, ready-to-run cars, and consumer guides, among others.

When you join the world of RC cars, you may initially feel intimidated. This is quite normal, considering that you will experience a hard time figuring out which car you are going to purchase.

The uninitiated or first-timers may see the different types of RC cars as confusing. This happens when they see themselves being overwhelmed by the technical advancement of the RC cars. However, this feeling is just natural, and there is nothing to fret about it that much.

 As you start to check the RC cars available in the market, you should be familiar first with the different types of these cars among the community of RC cars aficionados.

The five known types of RC cars are monster trucks, dirt buggies, touring or racing cars, RC crawlers or tanks, and short course trucks.

However, regarding the RC Semi Trucks, these are precisely what they are. These remote control semi-rigs are vehicles you can drive around. These RC Semi Trucks are controlled by gas, electricity, and, more often than not, a battery. Above all, these trucks bring a lot of fun. You really have to check the RC semi kits to get the best deal for you.

Typically, these RC Semi Trucks are made strong of extra-sized shocks, large suspensions, and big off-road tires.

Driving these vehicles are excellent, especially when you are in the mood to run on grass or gravel. 

“They’re built for the toughest terrain possible, can survive the thrashiest of jumps, and can take a ton of abuse,” said avid RC Semi Truck writer Kennedy Martinez of Dronethusiast.

Blue RC Off-road truck car (Radio-controlled) standing on the rock and terrain sand dune

Some of the best RC Semi Trucks on the market

1. Tamiya King Semi Hauler Truck

The Tamiya King Semi Hauler Truck is an amazing truck for adults, too. This fantastic Semi Hauler Truck is available with motorized support legs, aluminum chassis, durable axle suspension, gearbox, sound effects, and lights set, among other features. This realistic model truck is highly durable and made with super quality.

Tamiya King Semi Hauler Truck has a scale size of 1/14 and a total size of 12”x12”x5”.

According to the Dronethusiast, this type is, by far, the most powerful and toughest RC car around.

However, this model doesn’t come with a controller and may be complicated for children. This RC truck costs nearly $500 but maintains its reputation as the best RC Semi Truck for sale.

2. Roxie RC Transport Truck

If your focus is to find an RC Semi Truck that you can share with your kids, the Roxie RC Transport Truck is one of the best things you can have. For just $30, you can have this truck plus a non-pilotable toy helicopter for this package.

There is no need to assemble this model. The purchase includes taillights and LED headlights and is matched with really cool sound effects. 

The Roxie RC Transport has a scale of 1/20 and dimensions of 20”x4”x3”. This type of RC truck is made with non-toxic ABS material. The Roxie RC Transport Truck is suitable for children who like to play rough with their toys. This is because it is made with durable materials, too.

3. Revell 85-1506 Peterbilt

The Revell 85-1506 Peterbilt is another fantastic-looking RC Semi Truck that has a high-quality and authentic appearance. More, you can buy this type of semi truck within your tight budget. At an affordable price of less than $50, the Peterbilt has a durable chrome detailing, with a scale size of 1/25 and a total size of 5.7″x3.75″x11.88”. 

This type of semi-truck is an awesome addition to your collections of RC cars. On the other hand, this model doesn’t come with a controller. You also need to assemble it, which could be challenging for the starters.

Small electric motors and toy car

4. Velocity Toys Egyptian Camel Express 12 Wheel Semi

The Velocity Toys Egyptian Camel Express 12 Wheel Semi has an amazing look and style. Its build continues to attract RC cars enthusiasts across the world. The truck’s features include having a fully functional system, with high gloss LED lighting that shines so bright. 

The Velocity Toys Egyptian Camel Express 12 Wheel Semi has an electronic build with a scale size of 1/36 and a total size of 18.5”x4”x4”. The kit contains batteries and rechargeable ones for the car itself. Interestingly, however, this type of RC truck does not have a suspension, which might not be attractive to other customers.

5. DOUBLE E RC Mercedes-Benz Acros

The DOUBLE E RC Mercedes-Benz Acros is one of the most famous RC Semi Trucks sold on Amazon. 

Accordingly, this type of remote control truck is licensed 1/20th scale and complete with a fully operational lift-and-lower skew plate. Driving this RC Semi Truck is fun due to its high simulation trailer split joint. It has a total size of 40.6”x6.3”x6.7”.

This type of truck is known as the most complex and one of the most oversized semi trucks toys around.

Rubber offroad wheel of baggy car

Some frequently asked questions about RC Semi Trucks

Does RC Semi Truck run at high speed?

Most RC Semi Trucks available in the market can run at a pretty high speed. However, this will also depend on the fuel source and model of the RC car model. For instance, the electric RC Semi Trucks can speed away between 10 to 50 mph. Conversely, the nitro RC Semi Trucks can run faster, between 20 to 60 mph.

What type of fuel is ideal for beginners of RC Semi Trucks?

As a matter of practicality and convenience, it is ideal for you to pick an RC Semi Truck model using an electric fuel source. This is important because using electricity as a fuel source is affordable and provides quiet control compared to nitro or gas-powered RC Semi Trucks.

Is it possible to change your cargo trailer on an RC Semi Truck?

Absolutely, yes!  You can always change the cargo trailer on your RC Semi Truck, specifically when it is damaged. However, you have to make sure to find the right size of the cargo trailer that you find suitable for your truck.

Do we use gas for RC Semi Trucks?

Yes! There are RC Semi Truck models that use gasoline as fuel. The fuel source will also depend on the type or the model of RC Semi Truck you are buying. It is essential to check the available information about these trucks for you to come up with a solid decision before deciding to purchase one.